January 12, 2011

Mr. Cool's Christmas Crafting: The Finishing

Mr. Cool put his new routing skills to the test for Christmas this year, making all of Lincoln's cousins a fancy name sign. Here, we follow one through the finishing process. Above, you can behold it in its unfinished glory.

Mr. Cool used a poly/stain and handy painter's triangles to get them all evenly stained quickly. Above, he explains the staining process.

I love watching the projects he creates undergo the staining transformation. The bare wood always looks cool, but it's amazing when the stain brings out all the grain and hidden beauty of the wood.

Each sign received a double hook to enable usefulness, and Mr. Cool also pre-drilled hanging holes/spaces/brackets/something or others.

Mr. Cool proudly holds the finished project. The parents were pretty happy about the signs, and I hope the kids were too!

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The Coach said...

The double-hook hangs a ukulele wonderfully!