January 11, 2011

Christmas Knitting Revealed, Part Two

Now that all our Christmases are done, I can post the rest of my Christmas knitting! I made this hat for my mother-in-law, as she had always been fond of my bee hat. I made this in purple Lamb's Pride worsted, and added a single ceramic bee button to the front.

I made cotton washcloths with designs for each of Lincoln's cousins this Christmas. The designs turn into a bit of a hidden picture, and I realized that I should have packaged them with "this side up" stickers. Above, you will find trucks.

Hidden in the flecked yellow is a soccer ball--probably the toughest to spot.

For the lone girl, a princess crown.

One of my favorites, a giraffe.

A close-up of a penguin--this one turned out the best, probably because I gave in to my loose knitting and actually knitted it on smaller needles to create a tighter cloth.

I think that's everything I knitted this Christmas--tomorrow, a special on Mr. Cool's big Christmas crafting!

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