October 07, 2010

Cutie Pie Thursday: Splashdown

At first, he was a bit tentative about the water.

Then he discovered the fountains and slides.

He began to be a bit braver.

He continued to enjoy the fountains the very best.

At the end, he didn't want to leave!


mark said...

Best $1 I've spent all year!

The Coach said...

Where is this? It looks awesome!

Amanda said...

The Family FunPlex in Greeley!

Word Verification: Partyche Did someone start a revolution on the dance floor?

Hannah said...

Does that little suit Linc is wearing come in a bigger size?

Amanda said...

Technically, yes, but probably not big enough for us. It is a pretty great little wetsuit, though, and it is infused with sunblock as well! (Thanks, Grammie Cool!)

WV: modcano--a really hip volcano