July 19, 2010

Keepin' It Cozy

Sista and Brotha-in-law Cool joined the iPhone ranks, so of course I had to knit them cozies. Sista's is in a nice tweedy Cascade 220, with an owl cabled on it. I learned the lovely double-knitting K1, S1 way to start the bottom, and it was great fun to knit. It's a little tight, as I had to adapt an iPod cozy, but it fits--yay for blocking!

Brotha-in-law's is a really wonderful pattern--look closely and you can see the tetris blocks! It is mosaic knit in Patons SWS and Cascade 220, and was so much fun to knit! I had to adapt the pattern from two circs to DPNs, but it turned out great, and I knit it in a day. It was delightful to knit up something so quickly, and if I have any other friends/family out there with iPhones who ask nicely, I just might make them up something as well!

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