June 29, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Mitts

As I packed away my woollies for summer, I tried to evaluate what I needed for the next onslaught of cool weather.  I decided I needed more mitts and cowls.  The mitts mission is almost accomplished!

This fabulous yarn is dyed to stripe in the colors of the London Underground lines. A dear and generous member of my knitting posse gifted it, and I used our trip to South Dakota to whip up some mitts.  I love them!

With all the colors, these will go with everything!  My other new pair of mitts features my favorite grey, so they will go with lots of outfits too!

I love the movie A River Runs Through It, so I couldn't resist these mitts!  I love the river cable, and this yarn is soft and sturdy.

As soon as the temperature dips, my hands will be delightfully warm!

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