June 13, 2013

A month ago, we were in Alaska

We were at a Downton Abbey-level house party celebrating my youngest cousin's high school graduation and birthday.  It was pretty amazing and a wonderfully relaxing trip.  I did take a few pictures.

Settling in for his first flight--he slept like a champ and loved the takeoff.

The Alaska Zoo was one of our first stops--and one of the best zoos ever.  All the animals were active, Alaska-friendly, and the layout was beautiful and wooded.

A moose pancake was just one of the many moose sightings of our trip--we saw over 15, including two in my aunt and uncle's yard!  We also saw tundra swans and a sea otter out in the wild.

For the first part if our trip, it was pretty cloudy and rainy--and even snowy!  The sun eventually came out, and we ventured out to Palmer to tour a musk ox farm.  We were awed by the mountains.

Lincoln also had his first beach/ocean encounter--he may demand a warm and white sandy one someday.

On our last day the sun shone beautifully as we drove to Bird Point on the way to Seward.

Mr. Cool and I love unique road signs--and Alaska came through.

We loved Alaska--Lincoln asks to go back all the time!

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