February 27, 2013

Mr. Cool's Trailer: Snow Day and Teardrops

Snow-day and teardrops:
What is one to do on a snowy home bound day?

Shovel! And track a favorite obsession.
Awhile back the Cool family went to the local RV dealer to see about renting a motorhome for a National Parks road trip - but they are prohibitively expensive. So hey let's look at renting a trailer. My online escapades led me to the idea of building a teardrop travel trailer (search teardrop trailer on google images) for about the same price as renting an RV for a week ($1500).

After about six weeks of research and design in have decided on a less aerodynamic shape that is both more cost and time efficient and could sleep a family of three (snugly - the point of camping is to be outside anyway - not playing your wii sitting on the foldout couch out your condo on wheels).

I spent the aforementioned snow day building a 1/12 scale model of my design (foam board, hot glue, and a little duct tape). My actual build will sit on a 4x8 trailer and be built out of 8 sheets of plywood and basic building materials and cabinetry techniques.
Foam doesn't do it justice but it did prove a few working concepts of my design. I expect a build time of approximately 40-60 hours and am looking for investors and/ financiers. If you are interested in taking this trailer on a weekend getaway or just curious about the concept of crowd source fundraising and would like to support this project please let me know.

1. Full Model
2. It includes a living space with internal cabinets.
3. A gear loft / child sleeping quarters (48x54x18).
4. And a galley kitchen with sink and stovetop.
5. Foam pieces for build

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