January 26, 2013

Titus 2 Tea Time!

Where have I been--making and freezing 6 batches of scones, two types of shortbread, and signs! I had been blessed with the chance to create the food for a church women's event. Whew, but AMEN!

Types of scones: maple oat, lemon, cinnamon, blueberry almond, cranberry, and cheddar chive. I took a picture of my main recipe from Everyday Food. They froze beautifully!


Hannah said...

These sound amazing. I've loved every scone you've ever made that I've eaten. Also, nice touches with the signage, tablecloths, etc. Reminds me of someone else who always had a way with special touches...

Amanda said...

Thanks--I will recreate some scones for our Hobbit day celebration!

And yes, mom taught me well.