July 19, 2012

Cutie Pie Thursday: A Collection of Miscellaneous iPhone Pictures

 Instagram Image:  Lincoln with a new and prized addition to his car collection--all the way from London, England!
 PicStitch & Instagram:  I really enjoy picstitch for creating simple and elegant collages.  This one includes a couple grandad shots--the bottom one on the left being at a 4th of July Parade!
 PicStitch & Instagram:  Lincoln and his beloved Cousin Cool--he always asks to hold him, and even tries to be like him (bottom left shows them both chewing on wooden spoons).
Instagram:  Some people mock instagram, and possibly for good reason, but I take a lot of pictures in our brightly lit basement, and the washes in instagram allow those pictures to look arty cool--even the reflections off a plastic hulk doll.  I loved this picture--and the quote from Lincoln?  "Look, mom!  A Hulk smashing a Hulk!"

I have been having some internet issues, but I am dedicated to this blog.  I will try to get some more regular postings going!

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