August 15, 2011

Thought About Running While Sitting Still

  • I first really ran in 2004, for one magical spring/summer. It was amazing--I ran with a Discman (dating myself?) and my favorite thing to run to was Disc 2 from my Jackson Browne set. It had "I'm Alive," and "I am a Patriot" on it, two of my favorite Jackson Browne songs. There is something very powerful about running outside while listening to the line: "And the river opens for the righteous . . . And the river opens for the righteous . . . someday"

  • I ran at night a lot then, as I had no kiddo to take care of--my biggest memory was running one evening, and in the cool breeze of late summer, running non-stop for five miles, my best ever, which included three glorious laps around my favorite park. I felt alive.

  • I stopped running because I lacked willpower, and teaching has always consumed my energy.

  • I started running again this year with the Couch to 5K program and some great podcasts. I loved it--even though I was slow. I was at the second-to-last week and 28 minute/2 mile + runs when I had to quit denying my foot pain. After three weeks of doctor visits/x-rays/MRIs, the doctor confirmed what I had already found on webmd--I had a stress fracture. I am now condemned to 8 weeks of boot-wearing, and a slow return to exercise.

  • In a painfully ironic twist, my new subscription to Runner's World (a birthday gift to myself) arrived the week I started wearing the boot.

  • I know I can come back, but I miss my fledging runner's high--I miss the hope that once again I would be circling the park at twilight with a summer breeze cooling my sweaty neck.

  • I was reading today about Roger Bannister, one of my runnng heroes, and learned that he has not even jogged in 36 years, due to a shattered ankle recived in a car accident. Wow--that blew my mind. Roger Bannister (google if you don't know his significance) can't run. I know I can, again, and soon. By Christmas maybe I'll even be back at the same spot in my Couch to 5K journey.

  • My big, lifetime running goal is to run in at least one marathon. I'd also like to run in the DisneyWorld 1/2 or full marathon. The characters cheer you on!

  • I also want to run a 5K with my son, who misses me chasing him around during this period of limited movement.

  • Before you start running, it is easy to be still, lazy, a bit of a couch potato. After you run, forced stillness hurts. I know there are worse things, I know that I will soon run and not grow weary, but still.

  • I miss you running--don't you forget about me.

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The Coach said...

Abebe Bikila who won the 1960 Marathon Gold (while barefoot),then the 1964 Marathon Gold (this time in shoes), broke his foot just before the 1968 Marathon and dropped out partway through, then the following year, became paralyzed in a car accident (driving the Volkswagen he received from the Emperor in honor of his great success. But some return to greatness -- Joan Benoit won the 1984 Olympic Marathon (the first women's marathon in the Olympics) after having knee surgery and not running for a long time prior to the games. Also, Bannister didn't run a step for (I forget the exact amount now) three-ish days before breaking 4:00.

With love and encouragement; you'll get out there again soon!