August 25, 2011

Cutie Pie Thursday: A Real Live Horsie

Waiting with Grandad Philip while the miniature horse, Little Blue Chief, gets saddled.

A full view of the intrepid cowboy (wearing his hat and boots!) being led around the corral.

Jacob worried he was a bit scared--no, he just had in intent, intense look on his face. He was concentrating, taking this in--maybe there was a bit of fear, but mostly he was absorbing this new experience.

Grandad Philip was there guiding and helping the whole ride.

Running through the corrals post-ride, getting his boots all dusty.


Papa Cool said...

Grandad Cool is tickled he likes his horses. And thanks to JM and Tyler Ann for Little Blue Chief, who got snakebit the next day but will be fine.

Hannah said...

Oh, poor Little Blue Chief!

Amanda, this gives me some hope that my children might like horses better than their mother, and we'll all be watching for Grandpa Dan to spring on a little horse sometime in the near future.