May 16, 2009

37 Week Musings

In a long story I'm not really dwelling on, I'm on a bit of modified bed rest. The ol' blood pressure has been rising, so I'm lying on my side in a newly created couch nest and checking my blood pressure regularly. "Like an old person!" said Sista Cool. Y-e-s, I suppose. Or a pregnant person. Stuff it, little sister.

So, I've had some time to think, relax, read, play games, and watch TV. And muse a little.

Couch Teaching
So, I missed a bit of school last week, during the second to last week of school, but on Thursday, and all next week, I am cleared to teach, as long as I recline elegantly and luxuriously on a couch. 9th graders do not get this. "Why do you get a couch? Can I have a couch? Can I sit on the couch with you?" It was a long day. Luckily, next week I'm just giving finals and grading, which should be easily accomplished on a couch. I did feel like my legs were cut off--it is incredibly hard to discipline from a supine position.

GameStop/Nintendo DS Thoughts
Last Friday, prior to my poor pressure visit, I went on a game store odyssey. Inspired by the fact that I wanted some new games for my DS, and perhaps by the realization that my normal search every place and conquer shopping strategy will be more difficult with the small fry, I decided to take my list of carefully researched games and hit the road. I visited 7 stores in the Greeley area that sell video games, including 4 (!) GameStop stores. Why does any town need that many GameStop stores?! It's sick and wrong. However, it did take me three stores to find the games I wanted, and I have been happily playing them while lying on my side. If you ever have to spend a great deal of time lying on your side, the DS is the perfect game to play, because with the stylus, you only need one hand to play a lot of my favorite games, specifically word puzzle games. I even got a "B" grade on a New York Times crossword puzzle yesterday. Granted, it was just a Monday puzzle, but I have high hopes that I will improve.

The Final Countdown
I feel two things--I will be pregnant forever, and this is never going to result in a baby. This is all just an illusion, as I have around 3-ish weeks left. Crazy. My life is going to totally change here--and soon. Perhaps this knowledge is making it easier to lie on the couch playing games, reading, and watching trashy TV. My time is running out--soon my life will not be about entertaining myself, but about entertaining someone else. This is exciting, scary, and REAL.

Star Trek
So, Mr. Cool and I watched this movie this summer--it was good. I'm not one of the people going nutso over the re-imagining, but it was a wonderful popcorn movie. I'm sure if I say anything about it, someone will slam me for the spoilers, but I must add that my favorite part was Spock getting tail Kirk wanted. I'd go for the logical Vulcan myself.

Thanks for letting the lonely couch-mama type out some musings. Mr. Cool will be back this week with some thoughts on landscaping, and I have a baby knit to share.

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