November 12, 2013

Our Fall Adventure, Part 1: Arches National Park

Once again, as the leaves changed color, we loaded up for a family road trip.  This time, we decided to start with a park that none of us had visited--so we left at 4 AM for Moab, UT.  

I was amazed at the beauty--I has not expected simple stone arches to be so peaceful and powerful--but I am learning that I am drawn to that timeless combination of stone and sky.  I also loved how accessible each arch was--definitely within the wheelhouse if an anti-hiker and a 4-year-old!
First stop--Balanced Rock--which highlights the fragility of these time and nature-sculpted art pieces.
Mr. Cool and Lincoln's favorite hike was through a narrow crevasse and sand to Sand Dune Arch, which awed us with its colors.
An easy climb led us to Windows and Turret--more lovely arches, forming perfect frames for sky.
Early the next morning we set out on a longer hike to Landscape Arch, which is an amazingly fragile piece of stone.
On our way back, we viewed Pine Tree and Tunnel Arch.
A simply grand trip--and we had just begun our adventure!  (I will leave you with one of this knitter's favorites:  Sheep Rock!)