October 30, 2013

Halloween Craftacular!

Thanks to Pinterest, I had loads of ideas for crafty times at our preschool.  I did have to release any perfectionism, or desire for things to look just right.  Lincoln is more of an abstract artist.
Monster googly eye art--he drew some squiggles and was done.  I could have done this for an hour!
This was one of my favorites--paint chip pumpkins and Frankensteins.  The normal-ish ones are mine--Lincoln is the abstract artist.
Tape and paper mummy--and more googly eyes!
Q-tip skeleton--head by mom
We both got a bit frustrated with this spiderweb, although he was happy at the end.  It's time for some kiddie lacing/sewing practice.
Marshmallow ghost--he's saying boo!
We have a whole gallery of our Halloween art--and I've already got him looking forward to creating a Thanksgiving one!

ETA:  the artist added to the ghost!

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