September 13, 2013

Pinterest Preschool

Next year, believe it or not, the new Cool, our wee lad, will head to kindergarten.  So I am stepping up our play and adding 4-6 hours of focused preschool learning time.  As a HS teacher, I had no idea what to do--until I finally joined Pinterest and my life was changed.  We have had so much fun with everyone's ideas--I remember Harry Wong, a teacher and writer's admonition to teachers:  "Steal, steal, steal!"
Science has been our most fun--here we are testing 'Will it Float?' and taking data.
We also had fun creating rain clouds--now we can see them outside every day!

Lincoln enjoys numbers too, and goldfish bowl math has been a big hit.
For the alphabet, I've struggled a bit to really get the ball rolling--right now we are mostly working on letter recognition.  Here we parked labeled cars in the alphabet parking lot.
Today we drove on letters.  We are having fun, and I am grateful for all the ideas.  I am also looking forward to sending him off to trained early education teachers!

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The Coach said...

That is cool. I want to make rain clouds!