August 04, 2013

Sew Much Trouble

Lincoln and I stopped in a great little Ft. Collins store this week, Mama Said Sew, and I picked up the pattern and kit to make a Japanese-style knot bag.  I was inspired to make a bunch for myself and friends.  Thursday, I cut out all the pieces.

Then I started sewing.  (WARNING:  GRAPHIC IMAGES COMING!!). Only, I now realize, I was using some poor sewing technique on a very powerful machine.  This happened:
I called dear Mr. Cool, and he raced to pick up wee Cool and myself.  We headed to the ER--my first visit for myself in almost 22 years.  They took an x-ray:
My bone had actually broken the needle, primarily because of its hollow tip.  Very delicately, they numbed my finger and removed the two foreign bodies--the two pieces of needle and the thread.  It all came out.  A new tetanus shot and some antibiotics later, I returned to the scene of the crime.
The next morning, I replaced the needle and finished three of the five bags I had been planning to make.
I still have a few I want to make, but I am going to let my poor finger heal.  I think I know more reasons why I love knitting.  I've heard tell of sharp needles embedded in buttocks, but I feel confident I can avoid that.  I hope.


The Coach said...

I still have three needle fragments embedded in my foot from a childhood incident where I stepped on a needle in the carpet. We thought we got it all out and that the otherpieces were simply lost in the carpet. I broke my foot in high school, and the radiology tech wondered if ihad had surgery on that foot. I said "no, why?" Nd he showed me the x-ray with three needle pieces inside my bones. Apparently, the pieces just laid down along the bones and the ones grew around them.. I don't have those X-rays anymore, it i have one from another broken-foot incident that clearly shows the needle fragments too.

I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Amanda said...

Oh, my goodness!