May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Superhero!

Lincoln is very into superheroes.  Mr. Cool and I never really were--but we will do anything to help him celebrate a birthday!

Appropriately attired, our hero strikes a pose.

Mr. Cool built an elaborate obstacle course for hero training--Lincoln is practicing dragging an Average Joe to safety.

Grandad Cool dressed as his favorite superhero--John Wayne!

We kept the treats simple:  healthy trail mix, caped juice boxes, Rice Krispie treat kryptonite, and star and #4 sugar cookies.

Lincoln and his super friends really enjoyed the party, and we did too.  And in true mom cliche, I can't believe he's 4. What a ride these years have been!


The Coach said...

Awesome party! It's average Joe loved the cookies (as always) and the obstacle course!

The Coach said...

*This Average Joe...