October 19, 2012

Should I Feel Bad About Selfish Knitting?

I know the stores have started thinking about Christmas, as lights, crafts, and decorations are already in the aisles. Many knitters I know have probably already started thinking about Christmas gifts as well. I have a pretty big stack of things I am planning to knit, whether or not it is actually realistic goal.
I do want to shower the people I love with knitting, but last week I grew disgruntled with all of my gift projects. I wanted to knit something for myself! After all, I am the person who most understands what goes into my knitting.
I wear the stuff I make, I have chosen colors and styles I particularly like, and this time I felt I had a need. All of my hats are warm and woolly, but it hasn't been warm and woolly season here yet. And my hair has reached an awkward stage of growing it out. I needed a light, comfortable hat to wear even when the temperature was in the 60s. So I made myself a hat.
I finished it in less than a week! I am wearing it right now, and enjoying it a lot. So should I feel bad about selfish knitting? Should I just buckle down to the Christmas knitting, or should I allow myself a few more selfish knits this season?

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Hannah said...

What a beautiful pattern! You should definitely see to it that the knitess has the appropriate hat for every season and hair length (I'm at the chop or grow stage as well).

Sorry for falling off the map. I'll try to get back on it soon.