August 13, 2012

12 & 12 in 2012: That's the power of blocking!

Okay, so the July shawl went into August--my excuse is that a red/white/blue shawl is perfect for the Olympics!  It could be a "USA!  USA!" shawl or a "Go GB!" shawl.  Or, maybe having lost naps and easy bedtimes, my knitting mojo is down a bit.  Anyway, this shawl perfectly shows off the power of blocking.  Above, find the shawl in its unblocked (or unwashed/pinned) glory.  Lumpy border, shorter shawl.
Behold, the power of blocking!  The shawl is much, much bigger!  (Modeled pictures of all my summer shawls will be added soon, I promise!)  The lace border is crisp and visible!  The shawl is lighter and airier!  Pattern:  Trillian by Martina Behm (I am currently working on knitting all 4 patterns from her Hitchhiker book)  Yarn:  Creatively Dyed Beaches in the Cardiff colorway, purchased at the Estes Park Wool Market


Hannah said...

As a non-knitting fan of Quite Cool, what is blocking?

Amanda said...

Soaking the garment, squeezing out extra water, laying it flat and pinning out the lace--typically using a hundred or more pins to pull the lace into strict definition!