March 08, 2012

Three Days at Grammie's Home: Things We Loved

Lincoln making and drinking "cherry" "coffee."

Lincoln coloring with Grandad's highlighters.

Lincoln climbing up high on the stools by the kitchen to play and color while we cleaned/baked/cooked.

Playmobil knights tackling each other on a quilting mat (protecting Grammie's table from scratches.)
Hugging our beautiful Grammie and making her laugh.

Eating Grammie's heart scones and drinking tea.

Two-fisting PBJ sandwiches while making a growly ogre face.

Coloring even more with crayons together.

Knitting my first Jaywalker sock in a fabulous spring-y yarn on antique knitting needles (gifted to me by my Grandma, probably used by my great-grandma.)

Lincoln and I were totally blessed to stay at Grammie's home for three whole days, four nights, and a very windy time. We introduced Grammie to Cars 2, played in her school, and had an amazing time together.


Jana said...

Love your blog. But I have to say, I hated trying to knit Jaywalkers. I've tried twice and found the pattern size to be all wonky. Maybe its just my feet, but I think the the way the knitting turn out diagonal messes with the stitch per inch count. I don't know, but I wish you luck! Be sure to let us know how they turn out :)

Hannah said...

I love the ogre in the Silly Monkey bib. Also the shot with Grammie - it looks like a fun visit!