May 15, 2011

Monkey Mania

Sometimes, when you are capable of a craft, and an occasion presents itself, you fall into a trap. A jungle birthday party for Lincoln, heavy on the monkeys/Curious George? Favors? Monkey Finger Puppets? I would need 8? I can do that!

And suddenly you find yourself with piles of monkey parts and a deep hatred for the colors brown and tan, and the assembly on 7 monkeys to go.

And then, just like all things in life, when you apply yourself and work hard, you finish. They may not be perfect, but they are clearly monkey finger puppets.

All told, I knit: 8 bodies, 8 noses, 8 faces, 8 tails, 16 arms, and 16 ears. Then I sewed them together and embroidered 16 eyes, 16 nostrils, and 8 smile/smirks.

This picture makes me think a bit of "The Birds." Perched monkeys at the park, waiting.


Dan and Lynn said...

Darling! Very clever! Looks Joyesque!!! Happy 2nd birthday to Lincoln!!!!

Hannah said...

Very well documented, makes us appreciate all those arms and nostrils.