November 29, 2010

Cool Girls Christmas Crafting: I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers

Last year we started the tradition of using the Friday after Thanksgiving for a Christmas Crafting Day with me, Mama Cool, and Sista Cool. This year, Mama Cool showed up with pink and white felt, beads, and Mother's Circus Animals animal crackers. Yes, the ones from your youth covered in pink and white sugar-wax and sprinkles. We drew our inspiration from the pattern in Fa La La La Felt, and by the end of the day I had made 4, Mama Cool 2, and Sista Cool 2. We were pumped, and planning kits for friends and family. Best Christmas Craft yet!

The toughest part for me was randomly placing the beads. If you look closely at the elephant, my first one, the beads are very evenly spaced. I worked to become more random, and was eventually helped by pulling out a cookie and copying its sprinkle placement. Any craft with cookies as an inspiration is a winner!

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Dan and Lynn said...

Those are really fun!!! I want to make some!