August 05, 2010

Cutie Pie Thursday: Busy Boy

It's really busy being 14 months old.

I have to try on everyone's hats and walk around in them. I like this hat of Grammie Joy's--although it's hard to see when I wear it.

I have to read books before bedtime. I like it when dad lets me sit on the couch or the ottoman. This is when my hair was long. Mama gave me a cut (which you can see in the top picture) so that my bangs don't get in my eyes. At least, mama called them bangs. Do boys have bangs?

I have to do laundry. Actually, I just have to drag it back and forth in my basket.

I have to read the postcards people send me, like this one from my cousins. What do you have to do when you're busy?

1 comment:

Jennifer Miller said...

"YOU! Stop interrupting my reading, mom!"