August 18, 2009

1st Day of School

So, tomorrow is the first day of school for students at my old school. I could be hanging posters, readying lesson plans, copying syllabi, and writing on my white board. Instead, I'm taking care of my two guys, feeding them, changing one of them, doing their laundry, and playing with rattles and Wiimotes. It's fun, and I love them tremendously, but every now and then, I miss my old job, primarily the intellectual stimulation. I have managed to finish three books this summer, well off my usual summer number, but pretty good for a new mom, I think.

Watching the new Cool grow and change--he will now happily entertain himself with mobiles and activity gyms, smile willingly, hold his head up, and talk happily--is amazing, and I know the older he gets, the more I'll use my brain. My biggest consolation and reward is his amazing cuteness. He is so adorable--I know I'm his mom, but I hope some of you agree!

My two guys catch some Zs.

The wonderful world of footed sleepers--with owls!

Observing the camera, and mom

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Jennifer Miller said...

It amuses me greatly they have their arm up almost the same way!

So cute!