November 05, 2008


Whatever your feelings about the incumbent, one of the marvels of American history has always been the transition from one administration to another. Sure, John Adams left in the middle of the night to avoid Thomas Jefferson, but every since it has been a time that astonishes the rest of the world. So, today, I thought President Bush's comments about the election were pretty dang classy:
"No matter how they cast their ballots, all Americans can be proud
of the history that was made yesterday," he said. "Across the country, citizens
voted in large numbers. They showed a watching world the vitality of America's
democracy and the strides we have made towards a more perfect union. They chose
a president whose journey represents a triumph of the American story, a
testament to hard work, optimism, and faith in the enduring promise of our
nation," said President Bush.
Today, I am indeed proud to be an American. Although, I'm not sure what commercials will be on TV tonight.

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Matty said...

I felt the same about McCain's speech. I was thinking about staying up for Obama's too but then Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi started talking and I got nauseous.